Shoddy Operation

by Knee Socks

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"Shoddy Operation" was recorded in a basement between April and August of 2015. It's a garage-rock experience that Knee Socks poured their time and tears into and they hope you enjoy it! Download it for free if you like that kind of stuff!


released September 1, 2015

Guitar - Declan Hills
Drums - Brayden Grieve
Bass - Declan Hills and Brayden Grieve; sometimes at THE SAME TIME!!
Vocals - Declan Hills, Brayden Grieve
All lyrics by Declan Hills, all arrangements by Knee Socks



all rights reserved


Knee Socks Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

We're a Garage Rock band from Saskatoon! We apparently either sound like getting hit by a VW van or stoner rock without druggy side effects.

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Track Name: Suspension Of Disbelief
Despise the dark, keep out the cold
Cause we are young, the world is old.
Neglect the night. Dance in the light
Sustained by sound; kill all the quiet.
Don't let us starve.

We forget the world has a past.
Do we really think we'll outlast what's to come?
In our youth, we didn't need proof.
Thought we'd never die, shoulda' thought it through
And now we're over the edge.
Track Name: Romance Is 4 Suckas
Since you set your eyes on her you haven't been the same,
And your infatuation is all there is to blame. You
Used to be alright, now I'm not sure.
You talk about her so much that your throat must be sore and you
Say that she's "seductive and sweet"
And "She likes writing poetry which makes her unique!"
We if you like her so much why not ask her to dance?
Cause I don't give a shit about your second rate romance.

You longingly stare across the room
Day after day until you make your move and you
Tell her you're in agony, and with you's where she needs to be.
She says that she's 'taken' and it breaks your heart.
All you're left with is sweaty hands and plans that fell apart
And you say that she's the only one you've ever found
But she's the eighth. You'll find another. Hell, I'll start counting down now.
Track Name: Blindsided By Time
The sun set on a another wasted day:
He sat there, 25, his life wasting away,
But he couldn't have known that these seconds would be his last.
Shot down in the street, and with his last breaths he gasped that

" I should'a spent my time wisely,
and now my life has slipped right past me"

Some of us kill our time in arcades,
Others get high and live their lives as renegades
But the minutes keep marching. Gotta be aware
That the end is approaching, so you better care

How you spend your time. Use it wisely
Because time is currency and nothing is free.
Understand that this is gonna pass.
Decay is the destination of this path we follow.

I told you it was "eye for and eye"
And you said I was wrong and I said I was right, all the while
Time was marching on
(What can I do to fix this?)

The sun set on another wasted day.
Second by second my life's wasting away
Those seconds stack up and now the future's coming for me.
Blindsided by time, and now I see that

I gotta spend my time wisely, lest I let my life slip passed me.
Understand that this is gonna pass.
Decay is the destination of this path we follow.
It's a tough pill to swallow.
Track Name: Jimmy Lightning
This is an instrumental, suckah.
Track Name: From Scratch
For the sake of simplicity, I'll try to keep this short;
If we're gonna follow this road then we have a lot of work to put in.
Ain't that the thing?
And we'll clear up the rubble, but we wont hide the scars.
I hate to break it to you but they're part of who we are gonna be
From now on
And I know that we're both haunted by the thought that we'll regress,
But the foundation that we made is the thing that we built best.
It consists of brick made of clay we found under the sand
In the playgrounds where we spent our youth and now I understand that

Starting over doesn't mean that you haven't learned a thing
Having closure leaves you with nothing left to cling to

And no, I wont wait for you to begin my life. That's for me to decide
And when I said "I still wish you the best," I didn't lie
And I know I've made some enemies for meaning what I've said,
But it's better to be alive and hated and adored and dead
And now it's time to clear the air, It's time to clean the slate
And if you say I'm down and out then I'm the man you underestimate


Starting over doesn't mean that I haven't learned a thing
And having closure leaves me with nothing left to cling to.

Some people are so Goddamn sure
That we ain't gonna make it, let alone get off the ground
And I could fucking care less.
The foundation's set and
The time is now.
Track Name: The U
You tell me that you don't understand
How it all got so out of hand
You thought you had it under control.
Saw her again, eye's caught on fly-paper
She didn't notice that she couldn't escape your stare.
I tried to warn you but you didn't care no.

If looks could kill, you'd be alive
Cuz she hasn't looked to our side of the room
This whole time my man.
She's too good for your lot and
I suggest that if you want a shot you
Go and make a deal with the Devil in Hell

Or go educate yourself.
Track Name: Heavy Drinking
It's been a long week been workin' up the overtime
But I made it here, it seems that I'm still alive
At least in body if not in spirit as well.
Forget responsibility, it's time for mistakes.
At 200 MPH I've disabled the breaks.
When you've got liquor it's hard to give a shit about your health.

At drink 13 midnight is near
And I just want the world to fade out and disappear.
I wanna punch the DJ right in his smug little face.
In the morning you will tell me I was 0.5
And everyone will wanna know how the hell I survived
And I'll have lost some brain cells that I'll never replace,

But I'll never learn.
Track Name: Sad cuz Mad cuz Bad
You've said " hello," for the last time.
Can't wait to clear me from your mind with
Timeless mindless self indulgence. You see,
You'll smoke until time stops, stands still,
Take revelations in a pill but that sinking feeling
Never really leaves you. You
Wont say you spite me to my face. Guess that just means
I'm easy to replace. It's a shame that I'm not worth your time
I thought you were worth mine.

And you can blame all of your strife on me.
You're not blind, you just refuse to see.

This is " farewell," for the last time.
I will forget you, but it takes time so
I'll sulk until my head is clear once more.
We had our time out in the sun but
Clouds are gathering, you'd better run boy cause
Here comes the storm.
I'd wish you well, but I don't care.
You've trapped yourself, caught in a snare
And you couldn't get out even if you knew.
You're not as smart as you'd like to think and
This ship you designed is destined to sink and
It can only be bailed out by you, you're screwed.

And you can live your life as you see fit,
Just don't expect me to take part in it.
You can drag my name through dirt and leave me spurned
But those bridges that we built are gonna burn.

And I hope that it haunts us in our sleep:
Those promises we made we couldn't keep.
Track Name: Shoddy Operation
I'll try to break through the static, old records in the attic tried to do the same.
And I know that because you said so. It's getting hard to let go of all those things I heard you say
So instead of forgetting what I learned by taking all of the aching and the hurt
I'll build a tower next to the old one, take from lessons learned, and avoid self-deconstruction.

Don't forget, but remember not to linger lest you point a finger; we're really all to blame.
It was me that told you that I'd had it. Improvement was the drug and I guess I was the addict
And now there's anticipation for what's turning out to be another shoddy operation.
I'll test my patience.
I wish that things still made sense.

The past is the only thing that's certain, so lets open up the curtain. There's nothing left to hide.
The barrier that we built was see-through, and when I said "We need you," the truth of it is that I lied
And now the walls are closing in on us and we can't hold them up.
The instability is killing me and alone I'm not enough.
Track Name: The Great Tom Collins Hoax of 1874
Wasted my time waiting and wishing on a change
In your demeanor, it's sure as hell well within your range.
I'm surprised you couldn't tell me straight to my face.
I had so much faith in you, I see that it was misplaced.

I hope you were happy when you broke all those promises that you made.
You're a coward and liar; my feelings for you left me betrayed.
Let's cut all the bullshit
And cut to the chase,
I'm completely done with you. All deals are erased.
Consider me gone.

And I know what we had seemed like it would last
But that was before I found out you were dealing behind my back
From the start.
You scream out "DON'T LEAVE ME!" But it were better you curse the sky,
Because I am walking away.
This is goodbye.
Track Name: The Moment You've All Been Waiting For (RIP The Game)
It seems like we have finally reached the end.
I know we weren't exactly what you'd expect
And we're no longer strangers but we're not friends.
You got a look inside our heads, but I digress.